Jan. 12th, 2015

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No cultural notes this chapter!

I've had some requests for a text file of the translations to date and while I can provide one up to chapter 4, to be frank I don't want to get a lot of hard files into circulation until I've had a good chance to edit and adjust any translations I'm not happy with. So I'll probably slap a file up next full chapter update since it's requested, but for now I want to work on getting through the book since I've kind of slacked. At this rate I'll still make the deadline I set for myself but it could go a lot faster.

I think I can focus better on editing once the whole meat of the work's done and I know everything I'll be coming up against. Also, talks of chapters that come on each new chapter give me a lot of insight into how things are seen, so I may want to go back and re-edit for the best translation possible, so the more time and more discussion the better--and the best way to pass that time is more chapters translated, since it also generates talk that makes me reconsider a translation choice.

Also, for those who missed it, there was a Christmas update with an Ozaki/Seishin doujinshi dated on 12/25/2014!
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