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Urai vs. Kakizawa Script

These are the changes in the subs (aside from timing and technical details). Anything that would be important as a translation note will be put over on the sub page, this is mostly for pedantic curiosities about the script and adlibs. For differences that are tonal rather than explicit, textual changes to what's being said see this summary page.


Ryuk's line changed from "Ringo nee ka na? Ringo, ore ringo daikoubutsu nan da yo." to "Ringo nee ka na? Ringo, Ringo daikoubutsu nan da yo." Thus translation changed from "Any apples around? Apples, I love 'em, they're my favorite!" to "Any apples around? Apples. Apples are my favorite!"

A "Huh?!" added after "Kill me?!" when Kakizawa suspects what Ryuk is going to do to him.

No audible "catch" sound when Ryuk tosses Kakizawa the Note.

Ryuk's line with Urai is about the bond between a Note owner and a Shnigami; Ryuk's line with Kakizawa is about a promise between a human who picks up the Note and a Shinigami.

There's a "Stop!" by Kakizawa after telling Sayu not to come in.

Urai has an "Uhm"/"Ano" between saying it's nothing and apologizing for being weird during the Ryuk shouting scene.

Kakizawa says "Yes, yes," before "I get it." Urai says "I get it" before "Yes, yes," when agreeing to go with Sayu to Misa's live.

With Urai Ryuk's line is: "Kore dake no ningen no kazu no namae wo isshukan de hajimete kaita no wa omae ga."
With Kakizawa it's: "Kore dake no ningen no isshukan de kaita no wa kazu wo hajimeta da ze omae ga."
Word order and pacing delivery difference.

Urai Light starts on a tangent about how only people that he judges to be good will be left and Ryuk interrupts with "Yeah, hey, about that." Kakizawa cut Ryuk's line has no interrupting lead in and just jumps in at  a pause calling Light the last bad guy who will be around.

Ryuk says "I chose you?" in his line of incredulous questioning with Urai. With Kakizawa, he makes Light the subject saying "You were chosen?"

With Urai Ryuk says "Yeah, no" before telling Light he's wrong. With Kakizawa, there's no such lead-in.

With Kakizawa, when asked why he dropped the Note, Ryuk makes a surprised sound at being asked. With Urai, Ryuk makes some prevaricating noises before blaming boredom and bursting into song.

Extra "Hey!" by Ryuk in Kira song chorus, Kakizawa version.

In the Urai version you hear two full "thank you"s from Misa; in Kakizawa's, she comes in in the ending "you" of the first and then gives a full second.

When insisting to Sayu that Light liked the Misa show enough, Kakizawa adds an extra "hora" to emphasize the part he liked where she dedicated the first song to Kira. Urai says "Ee, saikou datta na." which is a bit more proper. Kakizawa specifically says "Are saikou datta na." Kakizawa's sentence has a spoken subject.

When writing down Lind L. Taylor's name, Kakizawa says "Baka da na, L!" whereas Urai says "Baka da ne." Subs following changed as if Kakizawa is addressing L.

When Light presents the hypothetical Kira talk to Sayu, Kakizawa says with a slightly more pausing/broken "Hanaseta to shitara, sou shitara nan 'tte iu?." Urai's is more fluid with "Hanasetara, sou shitara, nan 'tte iu?"

When L appears, Kakizawa has an audible "what?!" Urai's jaw only drops momentarily, so nothing's subtitled for his as I don't know to count it as a spoken line.

Mook Cop has an "Oi," lead in to the question of L's sanity when L's taunting Kira in the Kakizawa version.

When Ryuk's begging for an apple, he says the word "apple!" an extra time when emphasizing what he wants with Kakizawa.

Urai says there'd be a lot of people disappointed to hear about the lack of Heaven or Hell. Kakizawa says there'd be a lot of people disappointed to know it.

Ryuk calls Souichirou shibui instead of kakkoii in the Kakizawa version. Both mean "cool" but shibui is more of a cold cool; stiff upper lip, reserved, austere. To be sure, Souichirou's got stage presence. I thought about subbing it as "manly" in this version since "stoic" doesn't have the same obvious positive connotation that manly does, but I think Ryuk's tone carried it across well enough. It might feel a bit unnatural in terms of things an English speaker would say fawningly but... Anyway, I had to pick one. This is subject to change by the time the subs actually get released. Right now I'm sticking with stoic.

When chanting apple over and over Kakizawa's version has it said more times. Probably.

After Souichirou says he doesn't know L's real name, Kakizawa Light says "I see." Urai doesn't.

When agreeing with Light that Shinigami can see names, with Kakizawa Ryuk makes an extra affirmative 'ou' noise. He also adds an extra emphatic noise before saying "I can, but I won't." in the Kakizawa version.

When talking to Light about the FBI and the international scale, the two versions flip whether he says "Way to go" before or after "international scale."

Kakizawa-Light doesn't say "Yes" when called to the podium for the college speech.

In Game of Death, Light and L switch lines depending on which version during the end of the song's back and forth; in Urai's, it goes:
Light: This is a
L: deceptive
Light: probing
L: baiting
Light: murderous
Both: Game.

In Kakizawa's, it goes:
L: deceptive
Light: baiting
L: probing
Light: murderous
Both; Game.

Urai says Ryuk's name when asking if he knew anything about the Second Kira thing. Kakizawa doesn't.

When Misa mentions a girl Shinigami, Kakizawa questions it, Urai doesn't get the chance. Misa says "Here!" when letting Urai touch it, but not when Kakizawa touches her note.

Ryuk says "Yo" to Misa in Urai's. Sounds more like "Ya" ins Kakizawa's. Might just be me.

Ryuk doesn't repeat "Junior Champion" in shock during the Kakizawa version.

When doing the "Chance! Chance!" chant when Misa and L meet, in the Kakizawa version Ryuk adds an "And" before mentioning Misa as the key person. When telling Misa not to say anything yet, he adds an extra 'ne'. With Urai he tells L to get behind him and outfox him more, with Kakizawa he tells L to have stepped in further, to get in behind him. Same thing, slightly different wording, both referring back to the song in a way.

When Ryuk accuses L of being a fanboy for Misa, with Urai he says "Otaku ja nee ka?!" and with Kakizawa he says "Otaku ka yo?!"

In the Kakizawa version, the girl recognizing Misa says "hey' twice, in the Urai version, once.

When Misa runs from the crowd, in the Kakizawa version she says "this is bad!" She might say it in Urai's too but I can't pick it out to time it if she does.

Extra "hey" in Kakizawa version when Ryuk wonders if L's serious about arresting Misa.

In the Urai version, Ryuk ads an "Oi" before warning Rem against writing L's name.

Kakizawa version, Ryuk has one less iteration of "Write, wait..." and cuts off the last  "wait."

In general their panic fits after Ryuk announces he's killing Light are probably unscripted blurs of nonspecific stops and nos. I didn't bother trying to compare the two when adjusting the subs and just did them both separately from scratch.

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