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Happy New Year!

In Japan a popular game to celebrate the new year with is called Karuta; poems starting with every letter of the syllabic alphabet are read, and the picture card corresponding to that poem is grabbed from the spread out pile. Whoever gets the most wins! The comics released some manga versions that had readable poem cards and Arakawa drawn/colored pictures. The anime had a card set with readable poem cards, picture cards with relevant anime screen captures, and the bonus of a CD that you could put on random mode that had the seiyuu reading off lines/poems.

You can download the CD here. Each track is only about 15 seconds as it's one line, so it barely passes 5mb.

Below are the translations of the poems (in the order they're in if you play the CD on non-random):

あ: Winry: If not for me, who'd fix you?
い:Al: Someday I'll be able to meet Nii-san again. I have that feeling.
う: Hawkeye: You're moving up. In order to do that, first, "Colonel, please do your work."
え:Hughes: Elycia-chan is an angel descended from heaven~
Ed: You just need to live and live and find happiness.
Hughes: Give me a break. I've got a wife and kid waiting on me.
Armstrong: The brothers, their bond lends strength to them both!
Roy: Women of the military, I will have them in miniskirts!
Armstrong: A duel is a discussion between muscles!
Hughes: Actions speak louder than words, for men.
Hawkeye: Stand down, you're useless on rainy days.
Hughes: From below, I'll push you to the top.
Ed: Put it out! That cat, right now! Al: How cruel, Nii-san!
Ed: I'll definitely come to see you, so wait for me!
Armstrong: Truly my spitting image, her beautiful lower eye lashes.
Winry: Why won't you talk to me about what's important to you?
Hawkeye: Advice: a baby won't be born after only five months!
Ed: Become strong and someday get back everything.
Ed and Al: Please make us your disciples, obaa-sa... Al: Onee-san!
Al: Equivalent Exchange. Alchemy's greatest principle.
Roy: Why did you run away on your own without coming to me for protection?!
Armstrong: Can you not hear the music of my muscles?!
Al: Being stolen, being treated as luggage.... life is hard.
Al: Nee, Nii-san, do you think I'll find love someday?
Ed: Who'd drink that?! It's juice squeezed from a cow!
Roy: Fullmetal, it's a battle strategy, trying your luck.
Al: You're not alone. We're always together, no matter where.
Hawkeye: Lie down, both paws, sit, one paw, you may eat.
Al: It was peaceful. Not that we go back to those days.
Ed: Truly, she's a person (master) who understands kindness and strength.
Hawkeye: I want to protect; that is the reason why I pull the trigger.
Armstrong: I will show it to you! My artistic alchemy technique!
Al: There's no way. She can't pass as just a passing housewife.
Winry: Mecha Otaku? I just like machines a little bit!
Roy: If you have a problem take it up with the woman who'd been wooed from you.
Ed: She was gentle, like mom, Lt. Ross.
Al: It was like a dream, being treated as a child!
Hughes: Yo, brothers! Experiencing your youth properly, you two?
Roy: It's not easy, looking after incompetent subordinates.
Winry: "The Leopardess of Rizenbul?" Ah, Baa-chan's street name.
Armstrong: Louis Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist
Winry: A wrench or a spanner? Which do you wish to be hit with, I wonder?
Roy: Roy Mustang. My rank is Colonel. Do remember that.
Ed: I won't forget, the promise I made that day.
Ed: I definitely won't lose to you! Roy: Just try it.
Ed: The hell was that?! Who's as small as a ultra-hyper midgety bean speck?!