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Sinnesspiel ([personal profile] sinnesspiel) wrote2015-12-25 12:23 am

Merry Christmas! It's a small haul this year. Santa hates poor people.

Mostly a Christmas Present to let all the Shiki folk know I'm still about, still panning to do Shiki. 2015 turned into a really shitty year for me, and my set-up for translating Shiki took a bit of a hit. I do plan to resume come the start of the New Year. It's my resolution.

In the mean time, have some quicky seasonal Shiki goodness. I don't own anymore ToshioxSeishin doujinshi to do, alas.

First up is Ozaki and Seishin's seiyuu chatting about the Christmas season and who or what it reminds them of in Shiki.

Then the longer piece recorded closer to the start of the anime has both of them talking a bit about the actual novel.

Also this year, I've gotten permission from linguistic research Kinsui Satoshi to translate and summarize/share some of his work on Japanese fictional speech styles (role language). I'll be pulling examples from various series, including of course, Shiki. Sadly, no luck finding any contact information for anyone regarding Shiki itself. That seems like quite the complicated process and it's been a terrible year for complexities for your translator here. Here's to 2016 being better. It wouldn't take much, tohoho...

If I'm able to, I'll try to create a post that focuses on the speech styles of Shiki characters in order to help everyone appreciate the original speech styles and see what's lost in translation as well as how I try to keep what I can. With any luck, spreading an understanding of these speech styles may lead to you readers making suggestions too, so I can best convey everything the original writers were trying to convey.

Merry Christmas and thanks, as always, for reading!

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