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The prologue and part 1 of chapter 1 have already been done over here at [ profile] creiz's livejournal. You may prefer their translations. They're less literal and have smoother flow. As best I can tell they're not doing any more.

I should note that at this stage none of these have seen an editor. This is me with the book in my lap at work between cases, calls, whatever. I might just plum fuck up. Chapters will be tweaked and changed as I scan through and see errors or remember things I think of to fix. Sorry about that.

Bible quotes are taken from the English King James version rather than translated due to propriety, but as I can see the argument for a re-translation even of a translated, famous, quoted work, here's a translation from Japanese (from which language their bible is translated I don't know) for good measure:

---End Translator's Intro---

To Salem's Lot )
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