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Merry Christmas! It's a small haul this year. Santa hates poor people.

Mostly a Christmas Present to let all the Shiki folk know I'm still about, still panning to do Shiki. 2015 turned into a really shitty year for me, and my set-up for translating Shiki took a bit of a hit. I do plan to resume come the start of the New Year. It's my resolution.

In the mean time, have some quicky seasonal Shiki goodness. I don't own anymore ToshioxSeishin doujinshi to do, alas.

First up is Ozaki and Seishin's seiyuu chatting about the Christmas season and who or what it reminds them of in Shiki.

Then the longer piece recorded closer to the start of the anime has both of them talking a bit about the actual novel.

Also this year, I've gotten permission from linguistic research Kinsui Satoshi to translate and summarize/share some of his work on Japanese fictional speech styles (role language). I'll be pulling examples from various series, including of course, Shiki. Sadly, no luck finding any contact information for anyone regarding Shiki itself. That seems like quite the complicated process and it's been a terrible year for complexities for your translator here. Here's to 2016 being better. It wouldn't take much, tohoho...

If I'm able to, I'll try to create a post that focuses on the speech styles of Shiki characters in order to help everyone appreciate the original speech styles and see what's lost in translation as well as how I try to keep what I can. With any luck, spreading an understanding of these speech styles may lead to you readers making suggestions too, so I can best convey everything the original writers were trying to convey.

Merry Christmas and thanks, as always, for reading!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
I'm very glad that you are going to continue Shiki translation. And thank you for all the hard work you've already done.
It seems 2015 was shitty for everyone, so let's hope for the best in 2016! :)

Death note the musical

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Have you finished the Hard subs for the Death note musical for Hayato Kakizawa?

P.S Merry Christmas and a happy new year
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Merry Christmas! And as always, thank you for your hard work!

I'll definitely be looking forward to your post on Shiki characters' speech styles if you decided to make one! Not long ago I also looked a bit into Japanese version of book 1 to gauge a bit the speech styles Toshio and Seishin use. I was specifically looking for what pronouns they use to refer to one another (my topic of interest; also because with my limited knowledge in Japanese it's a topic fairly easy to find out). Toshio is an ore guy; no surprise there. He refers to Seishin as 'omae', which is also no surprise.

Is 'anta' less intimate than 'omae'? I know from this anime where an (ore) guy uses it to refer to his female colleague whom he's not very close to (also the woman is his superior). Natsuno uses it to refer to Tohru even if I'm not mistaken, so if my question turns out correct I figure they're not that close, but this is a guy who refuses to be too attached to anyone from the village, so probably no surprise there.

What's interesting to me is Seishin: he's boku, and I take it that boku guys are generally more polite than ore guys (if an ore guy's dictionary goes as far as temee and kisama, I noticed that usually boku guys' dictionary only goes as far as omae, but I've only paid attention to a few male characters' speech pattern so I could be wrong) it's just... when he's being his usual calm, mild mannered self I didn't catch even once throughout book 1 what pronoun he uses to refer to Toshio. If not that, he refers to Toshio as 'Toshio' (more rarely) It's come to mind that Japanese is probably rather unique in that you can avoid using personal pronouns and still get your point across, but I think Seishin takes it to the next level. I know a boku character who's more liberal with second-person pronouns. (A lot of kimi and omae from him) I don't know how it sounds to you who understand Japanese much more than I do, but to me it feels strangely distant. Probably because he's being his reserved self. This could probably be nothing weird, though.

Then, suddenly, when he's angry that omae bullet comes through, like in Seishin-seme chapter where he spews out 'omae' towards Toshio as many as nine times. From zero to nine and from nothing to omae in rapid succession, to my surprise. Also my amusement. I mean, I even counted those omae multiple times to make sure. Well, he does let go of his walls in this chapter, so that's probably why.

I probably missed something though, given that looking at Japanese-only texts is tiring. Besides, this is only book 1. You've probably noticed something from book 2 that I haven't known of.

Also, I want to share something (you've possibly known about this though): so I tried to look up where Sotoba is supposedly located at in Japan, for data/fanfiction purpose (I'm a sucker for details like this). Sotoba is most likely fictional, but there really used to exist a town called Mizobe (exact same kanji) in Kagoshima Prefecture. The town was also partly mountainous with expressways/national highways. There are still a bit of differences between Shiki's Mizobe and this Mizobe I think, but Ono possibly wrote descriptions of Mizobe with this town in mind. Just putting it up here in case anyone finds it useful, because I think this particular topic hadn't come up before.

The town doesn't exist anymore, though. As of 2005, it got merged with other nearby towns to form a city called Kirishima. Boy do I have mixed feelings about it when I first found out, even if I knew it was ridiculous because Sotoba is fictional. But anyway...
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Did you mean 1.4? It said Toukai region, however -- I initially thought the paragraph meant that the drought was a national scale news, but perhaps I was wrong.

Yeah, there is high possibility I just missed other omaes when looking through book 1. Because as far as I know he only uses omae in that chapter, it looks to me he uses it in a rather condescending manner ("YOU did x, YOU did y"). Because of my limited knowledge on Japanese, I currently have the impression that somehow Seishin is too polite to use omae (when not angry), but I'll be surprised if he ends up anta-ing Toshio because their relationship is definitely on 'omae' level. (I think it would be weird if Toshio omaes him but he antas Toshio) I'll also do some survey on book 2; after all it's holiday!

So it's not weird when guys who use boku also use omae frequently? The impression I have is boku guys tend to use kimi more than omae. The boku character I told you about kimis just about everyone who's the same age or younger, and only uses omae when he's cornered, stressed or wants to be a bit insulting I think. He refers to his enemy (the ore guy who refers his superior woman as anta) as kimi a lot but sometimes omae when they're fighting. I'm thinking that probably this character uses kimi a lot because he likes to mobilize people by being persuasive/appealing to their desires (he provides ways for them to achieve their aim), so he uses kimi a lot to appeal to them. If not, it's then just part of his nature.

But then again Seishin might only use omae to refer to Toshio, so it's probably nothing weird. I think it would be much weirder if he omaes other people. So it's probably not really the matter of ore-omae or boku-kimi pairing, but more the matter of how close the people one is talking to to them.

When Seishin learns that Sunako is basically older than he is, will he retain that kimi tho? I'm curious.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :) Looking forward to listening to this when my shift is over.
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This sounds incredible, thank you!