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Shiki Novel Translations 3.12.0

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12 - 1
12 - 2
12 - 3
12 - 4

No cultural notes this chapter.

I'm starting on a translation glossary of names. I'll try not to miss any characters, but if any astute readers happen to notice that a character physically appears in a chapter and the chapter isn't tagged with their name let me know. I'm not counting non-Shiki unmoving or non-responsive corpses as "appearing," so for example the chapter where Ozaki examines Gotouda Fuki's body isn't tagged with her, but the portions where Kyouko is responsive (brain waves, blistering in the sunlight) are tagged for her. 

I'm also collecting mention-only characters and links to where they're mentioned.

Example: Gotouda Kyouko, daughter of Gotouda Kumi, never makes an appearance directly but is mentioned as existing in 3-2-4.
Example 2: an unnamed man from the Ebata family (none of whom ever appear directly) is mentioned in 1-1-4. Even if his first name isn't given, there is a family name to translate.

A lot of these one-time wonders are easy to miss. If you're rereading old chapters and come across someone you think I may have missed feel free to comment either in that chapter itself or on the family tree page or here with who the character is and where they're mentioned. A good sign I've missed them is that they're not listed on the Family Tree page; I've tried to scope ahead for characters not yet even mentioned (I don't think Hirosawa Takafumi's been mentioned yet but I know he works at the town hall at some point later), but I still find some and add them as I go. 

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I can't believe That Part is over! T__T Good thing my favorite part, Ozaki pwning Chizuru, is still coming up. Epsiode 18 is my favorite episode. I'm working on (slowly atm) rereading your translations, so I'll keep a lookout for tags, since I usually don't even glance at them. Thanks for the heads up and translating as usual! \(^^)/


wer eoccupied -> were occupied
beokay -> be okay

wrecklessly -> recklessly
alrge -> large
recovery ative -> ?

sutring -> suturing
hippocrites -> hypocrites

Would you mind translation to another language?

(Anonymous) 2015-09-24 10:49 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, I really appreciate your work, I can't believe someone has been translating this novel!
I want to ask you for something – would you mind if I translate it to the Czech language? Of course, I'll left a link to your original English work on my page, but a lot of Czech readers aren't that good in English to read the entire book and I want others to read something this good and raise public awareness about Japanese novels (believe it or not, most of fans in my country don't even know about existence of Japanese novels – when I translate something, it's always like: "They wrote a book about this anime!" No, that anime is based on the book -_-)
Thank you for answering my annoying question and sorry if my English isn't that good, it's been a long time since my last English post :D