Nov. 10th, 2015

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These are the changes in the subs (aside from timing and technical details). Anything that would be important as a translation note will be put over on the sub page, this is mostly for pedantic curiosities about the script and adlibs. For differences that are tonal rather than explicit, textual changes to what's being said see this summary page.


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So as I work with the Kakizawa video, I have a few problems. First and foremost, I don't know who to credit for the video; is the 4GB version a condensed version of the one by Magnet from AsiaFull? I used the torrent (and am uploading the 4GB version for DDL presently since I don't think one exists yet) but I don't know who originated the torrent to credit either. Got them credited properly now!

But the more pressing one at the moment is the translation matter.

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So my question is, are translations which consider auditory and visual cues in picking the translated tone...

A. Necessary? (For example, does failing to do so mute the impression of the performance to the reading audience, even with the same visual and auditory cues available?)
B. Helpful? (For example, does it provide information those not as familiar with the original language might not pick up, such as word emphasis, speed, or pronunciation differences?)
C. Invasive? (By nature of being ultimately the translator's subjective impression forced on the translation viewing audience, unnecessarily or inaccurately affecting whatever impression they may form?)
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