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Death Note: The Musical
It's about as gay as you'd expect Death Note crossed with musical theater to be.

Urai Kenji Version (Brown Hair)
Current subtitle version: Non-Otaku Version 1.3 - download | Otaku Version 1.3 - download
Non-Otaku Version 1.3 - download () | Otaku Version 1.3 - download ()
Raw video:
 Encode + Upload : myheart1027 (2.9GB)
(Encode + Upload by[personal profile] kylara: | Mega (3.43GB)-- Subs will not match the timing for this, more of an FYI.)
Kakizawa Hayato Version (Black Hair)
Current subtitle version: Non-Otaku Version 1.3 - download | Otaku Version 1.3 - download
Hard-subbed: Non-Otaku Version 1.3 - download (3.3 GB) | Otaku Version 1.3 - download  (3.3GB)
Raw video:
Encode + Upload by [personal profile] kylara to [personal profile] kylara| Mega (3.48GB) | (Upload by me) Mediafire (3.48G)
(Original: Encode + Upload: Magnet of AsiaFull (25GB) -- Subs will not match the timing for this, more of an FYI.)

Current subtitle version: 1.3

Update log:

Version 1.3 - 4/12/16 - Fixed a line of Light's in the song Death Note; misheard shinpo as shinpou. Thanks to CaO-M3 at Youtube for the catch! Having some problems with uploads, but hardsubs should be up any day now for all four versions of 1.3. Stuck with the MyHeart version of Urai's as it was reported to show less pixelation on faces.
Version 1.2 Kylara Version - 12/30/15 - Kylara's re-encoded both musicals for better quality and cut out more of the ads. Adjusted sub timing/resolution to the better video. Probably, any updates will be done to these videos, but I'm hoping I've caught everything this time around. Karaoke typo fix, one or two line tweaks. Will update links above when files are finished uploading.
Version 1.2 - 12/2/2015 - Harry Bell to Haley Belle, manga character reference. Finally got credits for the Kakizawa raw encodes. Created Kylara version for a likely better quality hardsub of the Kakizawa version. Adjusted a few Kakizawa Light lines again.
Version 1.1 - 11/15/2015 - Karaoke errors, things found when adjusting for the Kakizawa scripts, redid the last song Requiem since I still wasn't happy with it. Changed fanboy to otaku in Otaku sub versions. Fussed a lot over tonal differences. Made the Urai vs. Kakizawa script difference log.
Version: 1.0 - 10/31/2015
Mostly karaoke fixes. A viewer's already found two errors I missed so you'll be getting at least one more update. But I'll probably hold off until I'm editing the scripts for the Kakizawa version since that airs next week or so. By all means share any mistakes you see in the mean time.
Version: 0.2 - 10/28/2015
Changed Misa's Engrish rap portion, fixed some typos in the translation and karaoke, tried to consistently keep sentences following ellipses (...) lowercase unless it's a new thought or sentence, made some fast flowing lines stay onscreen longer, improved/added on-screen text translations.
Version: 0.1 - 10/22/2015
I just finished this last night and it's only gone through a few beta checks. I've been staring at it for about four days straight and would like some other eyes on it. So to everyone here with us at the very first beta launch to offer corrections: thank you.

Re-encode the hardsubs all you want and to share that .ass freely. Keep the credits if you would kindly, including for the original raw, unless you get your own raw and shift the timing to it. If you Youtube the songs a link back here would be cool in case there are any major updates or corrections.

All about .ass:
This subtitle set is in .ass format. While a lot of times you can just convert an .ass to an .srt or .sub file and basically get by fine, doing that with this file will be an absolute mess as I've included karaoke on all the songs and there's quite a few delayed/alpha subs which most other formats can't process. Without the spacing and font colors processed through the .ass file, the songs will take up half your screen in a jumbled mess and it's going to be chaotic.

VLC and Media Player Classic can both load .ass files. VirtualDub and most other encoding programs are also able to hard-sub them to a video.

Translator's Notes:

Translator's Notes )

Otaku vs. Non-Otaku versions

All -san and -kuns are intact in all versions.

In the Non-Otaku version Shinigami is translated out as god of death, Onii-chan is translated out as Big brother, and Otaku is translated out as fanboy. That's the only difference in the scripts. Thought about calling the otaku version the Weeaboo translation for the concept of using Japanese when a perfectly good English equivalent exists, but decided a true to form Weeaboo would likewise use the Japanese term Otaku instead of the English Weeaboo too.

Your translator strongly prefers Otaku style translations on everything, though the references to gods and God probably works better in English when Shinigami's also translated out as god of death. But those familiar with the term Shinigami probably make those connections without needing them spelled out so blatantly.
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